Life @ Spak Engineering

All Work & No Play, Makes Jack A Dull Boy

Our goal is to create an environment where employees like to work; after all, human resources are our most prosperous capital. We believe in continuous development; therefore, during the course, we continuously improve through various training courses and hold retreats to help our team grow stronger. We also have planned monthly entertainment in the office & one of the most anticipated SPAK events is the annual retreat. We felicitate our best-performing teams and employees.

Feedback and Mentoring

At SPAK Engineering, we have a 360-degree feedback mechanism. Every employee is it’s own reviewer. In addition, each SPAK team member has a mentor to turn to for advice. Even during team engagements, the team leader tries hard to ensure that every employee has enough opportunities to develop in the areas they want and share their creative ideas with the team.

Learning is a never ending process at SPAK Engineering

The employees and culture of SPAK Engineering make it the best place to work. You keep learning, and your ideas are absorbed in an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork. Here you are learning and developing in the classroom and on the spot, too, as you serve the regions of Europe. We continue to promote and support your professional development by ensuring on-site and off-site work exposure.