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We Rejuvenate Business!

SPAK engineering is an IT product based company in Bangalore, specializing in providing integrated software solutions. We design and deliver strategic end-to-end data analytics solutions with our innovative ability and a strong will to excel as a fast-growing IT company. We have extensive experience in developing the most modern IT solutions and data analytics for clients from various sectors. We have developed comprehensive tailor-made solutions based on specific customer requirements using some of the latest, most creative, and revolutionary tools. We are an integrated IT resource centre that began its corporate journey in 2019 with a focused corporate mission in providing software development solutions and support to quality-conscious customers.

We shape your ideas into reality

We’re a software development firm specialising in engaging digital experiences through conversational software, mobile apps, and websites. SPAK Engineering specializes in using cognitive technology and processes solutions to solve complicated business problems.

Providing Best Solutions

We excel in delivering the best-suited solution for each client’s unique needs, whether it’s for early age small start-ups, mid-size firms looking to expand, or significant corporations actively optimising operations in a variety of industries.

SPAK Engineering can help you get a competitive edge for your unique and complex company needs. Utilize our abilities to create agile and dependable tailor-made software solutions to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation journeys through technology innovation, scalability, and agility.

Internet of Things (IoT)

SPAK Engineering’s IoT services contain counseling, developing, application managing, app data analytics, etc., pointing toward streamlining and computerising workflows using IoT technology. For the last 11 years, we are offering full-range IoT services to lessen exorbitant and tedious tasks

Why Our IoT Services?

SPAK Engineering plans, designs and executes IIoT and IoT solutions and services to assist you with reducing or eliminating waste, reduced working expenses shorten process duration, enhanced quality, and better clarity of the entire supply chain.

  • Customised IoT and IIoT solution
  • IoT & IIoT hardware related consulting and execution support
  • IoT and IIoT support and maintenance
  • Quality Control

What Data Analytics Services does your business need?

Complete Data consulting

Complete Data Implementation

Complete Data support

Managed data analytics services

Big Data

SPAK Engineering’s big data analytics services and solutions assist organisations and government departments in boosting their business esteem and achieving business objectives by unlocking the capability of an enormous world of data.

SPAK Engineering Creates

  • Equipment monitoring
  • Predictive / Preventive maintenance
  • Quality control
  • Inventory Management
  • Real-time asset tracking and management
  • A well connected & managed supply chain
  • Smart connected products & solutions

Employee's Insight

  • “I feel proud to be one of the 1st employee working as a HR Manager of SPAK Engineering. My career has start and soon skied with the growth of the Company. The extraordinary support and knowledge transfer across the different streams has benefitted a lot to all employees altogether. I am grateful to work in a place which makes us grow to greater heights”

    Preeti Brahma
    HR Manager
  • “Best place to work be it culture, be it people, technology and learning.

    We are free to express our views and thoughts, new ideas and thoughts are always welcomed not only related to products and projects but related to the company as well like how we want to grow and maintain our cool culture. From top to bottom everyone is reachable. Here Growth is not meant to be in a single dimension.

    My idea of a great company is where you feel you don’t have a boss on your head and everyone is a mentor in some way and SPAK fulfills it completely.”

    Abhishek Maheshwari
    Backend Developer
  • “I am very glad to be one of the employees of SPAK Engineering because it is the right place to learn and to execute my thoughts and ideas on any platform as I wish, and to progress in my career professionally and personally. Both our colleagues and clients are very supportive and helpful. Very proud to work with SPAK Engineering and happy to continue my career with this company.” 

    Dibya Dasmohapatra
    Automation Test Engineer
  • “Team SPAK is like a family to me. I feel like I am working in a home like atmosphere. We are allowed to express our views and ideas freely on an open platform. We are never penalised, even If our idea doesn’t work. But we do get recognition for a brilliant working idea. We here at SPAK value humans for their very being. I feel privileged to be associated with such an employee-centric & friendly company. If you are planning to join us then you are taking the best decision of your life.”

    Tanya Kochar
  • “It’s always been a fun, knowledgeable and responsible journey at SPAK Engineering personally, and I feel my experience, career growth value and learnings are exponentiated. We can voice any concern or ideas and everybody is open to hear about it. Employees are valued in true sense by which means it always inculcates a good mindset to contribute to the company. The enthusiastic and determined group of colleagues makes it the best environment to work in.” 

    Sachin Nayak
    Frontend Developer
  • It has been a great experience at SPAK engineering, its given me the opportunity to learn and accelerate further in my career right from day one. The company provides great perks, we get to do fun activities, celebrate festivities and also attend insightful workshops. SPAK engineering has helped me learn and grow in my professional journey.

    Mohan Kumar Hiremath
    Automation Test Engineer
  • I have had a great experience working with Spak Engineering and it’s really the best place to start your career. Spak provides good training programs and learning opportunities with the latest technologies. The team is a supportive bunch and has an overall flexible working environment. Communication with Spak Engineering has always been open and transparent, resulting in deep trust in the relationship.

    Deepak Jadam
    Full Stack Developer
  • I feel lucky to be part of this organisation. People here are so friendly that I don’t feel like doing any other corporate job. All the seniors and managing people treat everyone like a friend. So, even when I am stuck in something, I don’t have to think twice before asking for help. Also, my skills are growing exponentially from the exposure I am receiving here through the nature of work assigned to me. Employees are respected in true sense and they are being recognised for their work and efforts.

    Bhaskar Das
    Frontend Developer